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Ayaka is less than three!


6/26/05 04:14 pm - sara_the_lazy

I'm very happy for Ayaka because she met a really awesome guy and they're happy together! *throws pink and purple and aqua coloured fluff all over the place* It's nice to see you so happy, hon!


5/29/05 07:59 pm - julianatheorize

take your pick. for the code, save the pictures to your own computer, and then just replace "please dont' hotlink" with your URL and replace the [] with <>.

Drusilla is "I sorta look like Ayaka" love

[center][img src="please don't hotlink"][br]Drusilla is "I sorta look like Ayaka" love[/center]

Juliet Landau is "I sorta look like Ayaka" love

[center][img src="please don't hotlink"][br]Juliet Landau is "I sorta look like Ayaka" love[/center]

5/29/05 07:37 pm - pennysfield - I bring you..........another colorbar!

Ayaka is camwhore love

5/4/05 07:46 pm - nathanielperson

Reason Number Awesome why Rachael wins: our Drama presentation. Never was there a more Bernadette-y Bernadette than Ayaka was today, and the audience agreed. *applauds*

4/29/05 05:32 pm - nonamekittie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4/20/05 09:45 pm - pennysfield - Hee hee hee!

Ayaka is love!

4/20/05 08:37 pm - sara_the_lazy

Dear Dudes, Dudettes, and others,

I would like to attest to the awesomeness of the Ayaka. First off, just from the outside she's very pretty and has a cool style of dressing. Then the second layer is that she writes great stories and draws very well, and sings while walking down the street, and does various other stuffs. But most important is the wonderful person she is inside. Ayaka has a kind, beautiful soul that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside. And she's fun to talk to, and an overall nice person! Yay for Ayaka!

This has been a public service announcement. You may proceed with your day now.


4/18/05 10:28 pm - nonamekittie

My Ayaka-shaped friend...

eeee!!!! ::giggles and claps::


4/18/05 05:08 pm - julianatheorize



< / fangirling squeals and/or dolphin noises >

Heh, Ayaka's cool.

4/18/05 12:31 am - commandettes - Everyone loves made-up words!

If it weren't for Ayaka, the word "borken" and the phrase "teh borken" would not exist.

Ayaka: "My laptop is broken."
Me/Tom: "That sounds like... borken."
And so it went from there.

Bless you, Dubin/Foodbin/Pubin/Lubin/Screwbin/all the other names we made up in Allies.
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